This mask is a representation of Barong, the King of the ghost world and leader of the good forces. In the Balines mythology Barong is the enemy of Rangda, the demon who represents the evil powers. Barong is needed to keep balance in life. This balance between good and evil is a continuously returning subject in Asian culture. One of the best known concepts related to this is the concept of Karma. Good deeds contribute to good Karma while bad deeds contribute to bad Karma and future suffering. We at Touché Amsterdam believe that good will always persevere in the end. That is why we choose Barong as the representation of good Karma. 



- 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

- Barong mask embroided on back

- Logo embroided on front

- Label attached in the neck

- Wash at 30 degrees, no dryer



Sizes shown are based on men sizes, but ladies do not worry, the sweatshirts can be worn by you as well! For ladies take the men size and add one size to get the ladies variant. So M for men is L for ladies. 

€ 73,00

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